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Where to start looking for external scholarships?

Each year millions of dollars in scholarships go unclaimed.  Scholarship money is not soley for high grades or athletic ability. Do your research.  Below is some helpful information:

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The first two links below are a great way to start.  Both will help you create a profile that then send scholarship opportunities directly to you. 

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Alexander Rutherford High School Achievement Scholarship


The government of Alberta encourages and rewards the excellence of Alberta students through the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship program. Check out current information including deadlines and eligibility. 

Alexander Rutherford

The Alberta Scholarships listing contains scholarships and awards sponsored by the Government of Alberta and administered by Student Aid Alberta. This listing is hosted on the Student Aid Alberta website.

Alberta Scholarships listing

Leaders in Equality Award of Distinction

The LEAD Program is supporting students who are working to reduce gender discrimination in their communities, or who are studying in fields where their gender is traditionally underrepresented.

The program is a consolidation of 2 funding streams: the previously announced Women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) Award stream, and the Persons Case Scholarship stream.

$225,000 is available through the program and 90 students will receive $2,500 each for their studies.

Persons Case Scholarship

The Persons Case Scholarship supports women, men and gender-diverse individuals studying in the arts, humanities and social sciences fields whose work advances gender equality or who are studying in fields where their gender is underrepresented or disadvantaged.

  • $100,000 is available for this scholarship.
  • 40 students will receive $2,500 each for their studies.

Women in STEM Award

The Women in STEM Award will support young women to reach their career goals. There are 50 awards of $2,500 available for this stream.

Alberta’s Apprenticeship and Industry Training Scholarships

The program offers students two scholarships:

Scholarships will be awarded to registered apprentices in the year they graduate from high school. These new scholarships will triple the capacity of the apprenticeship scholarship program, rewarding more high school students who have completed the required courses.

Apprentices no longer need apply for these scholarships. Apprenticeship and Industry Training has implemented a fully automated procedure, eliminating the need for paper applications and manual processing.

In order to be eligible, Registered Apprenticeship Program or Career and Technology Studies students should log into their MyTradesecrets account (MTS) and ensure that they have provided consent to be considered for a scholarship. To check consent, students can click on the Applications tab to provide or update their consent and their SIN. If they have more than one active application, click on Details in the right‑hand column to update information.