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Bev Facey 2019-2020 Scholarship Information

Look for more information regarding the Bev Facey Scholarship package in Semester 2.


Peter Elzinga Family Foundation Scholarship

Applications for the 2020 Peter Elzinga Family Foundation Scholarship are now open. Students who plan to attend a post-secondary institution in fall 2020 are eligible to apply to be awarded up to $2,000 towards their education. Those who demonstrate financial need will be give higher priority. Full details can be found on the Peter Elzinga Family Foundation website. The deadline to apply is June 1.


With the school year quickly coming to an end, has made a concerted effort to add as many scholarships to the platform as we could find. In the last month, we have added 41 scholarships that total of 122 awards with a value of $1,095,000.

Most of these awards deadline of these awards are in May and June, so there is still time for students who have put off applying to scholarships throughout the school year.

To help with students prepare and transition to post-secondary life we have launched the ScholarTree Blog. University students write the blog because we want the information to be as relevant to current student life as possible. The main areas of focus for the blog are:

  1. Student Life: general advice and hacks
  2. Scholarship Tips
  3. Entrepreneurial Spotlight: stories about students starting their startup or not for profit
  4. How to: tips for applying and getting into prestigious programs

February to June is the peak scholarship period for grade 12 students. This is the time of year that there is the most amount of scholarships available to students. Better still, we are in the process of on-boarding over 250 new scholarships over the coming months. In the last week alone we have added over $250,000 worth of new scholarships to ScholarTree. 

The Morehead Cain Scholarship

The Morehead Cain scholarship is a fully funded (tuition + room and board) four-year scholarship to one of the top universities in the world. The scholarship is available to Canadian students.  . The deadline is October 31

Schulich Leader Scholarship

 A Schulich Leader Nominee represents the top STEM student in your graduating class and in turn becomes eligible to win an $80,000 or $60,000 scholarship.

This student exemplifies at least two of the following criteria: academic excellence,leadership and financial need. Bev Facey can nominate one student for application.

Scholarship Websites

Students interested in learning more about some available scholarships: Please click on the link Alberta Scholarships Info