Alberta Education offers high school students a number of streaming choices. Students should select the appropriate stream based on post-secondary plans and their willingness to be challenged academically.

Coming out of grade 9, the most independent, mature, and motivated students who were successful in grade 9 consider Math 10C as their primary course. Students should find Math 10C a challenge as the "jump" from grade 9 to 10 can be large - due largely in part to a quicker pace and a more intense workload.

Students who may have struggled in grade 9 or who plan on going into the workforce after grade 12 may consider Math 10-3 as their first high school math course.

So what course SHOULD I take?

For curious parents/students, ALIS is a government website which discusses the math requirements for post-secondary at a variety of universities, colleges, and technical schools. 

People are often surprised that 30-2 math is can be used for entry into elementary education, nursing, etc. at some institutions (Find out more at

Students should expect their decision of whether to pursue academic excellence in Math 10C to be guided, in part, by their willingness to practice and internal motivation.

Bev Facey recommends the following calculators:

Dash 1: TI-84+ 
Dash 2: 
TI-83+ or TI-84+ 
Dash 3: scientific


High School Mathematics Overview