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Bev Facey is home to almost 1050 students and is known for its diversity of programming, and excellence in results.


Bev Facey Community High School was officially opened in the fall of 1981. It is home to almost 1050 students and is known for its diversity of programming, and excellence performing arts, athletics and in diploma results.

Bev Facey's many programs foster a culture of acceptance, support, fair play and excellence.  Academics, Athletics, Fine Arts, CTS Programs as well as Leadership opportunities all give students the opportunity to achieve excellence.


Ken Wlos


D'Anne Bennett, Assistant Principal
Renetta Peddle, Assistant Principal 
Paul Schwartz Assistant Principal


In Pursuit of Excellence


To provide a supportive environment and a comprehensive education developing adaptable, responsible learners, who are capable of meeting the opportunities of a changing world.


The Facey Way is an active and evolving initiative encompassing values such as Commitment, Dedication, Enthusiasm, Loyalty, Respect. Students, staff and parents involved with the Bev Facey School community accept the responsibility of maintaining and representing a positive school image.

The Facey Way includes the virtues of;
COMMITMENT: Make a commitment to do your best work at all times.
DEDICATION: Be serious about your education. Give yourself every opportunity to succeed. Live a balanced life that will help you reach your goals.
ENTHUSIASM: Take advantage of what school has to offer. Get involved in the many school activities. Make your learning fun.
LOYALTY: Represent Bev Facey as a positive ambassador and support our Falcons in a sportsmanlike manner.
RESPECT: Treat yourself and others with dignity and humility.


Personalized and individualized learning opportunities focused on positive relationships. 

Programs and Services

Advanced Placement (AP), Career and Technology Courses (CTS), Knowledge & Employability Courses (K&E), GOALS Program, PLACE Program, FOCUS Program

Commercial Culinary Cafeteria & Catering services available 

Cosmetology lab & client services available

Construction & Carpentry services available 

Horticulture Greenhouse and plant sales available