Controversial Issues and Resources

Controversial Issues and Resources

As per Section 50.1 of the School Act, notification to parents/guardians is required where the instructional material, exercises, outcomes, or courses contain subject matter that deals primarily and explicitly with religion or human sexuality.

Parents/guardians shall be advised of the controversial content in specific classes in advance, using one of the two Section 50.1 Parent Notification Letters. This letter shall advise parents/guardians of their right to exempt their child.

Parents/guardians may exempt their child by informing the Principal in writing using the Section 50.1 Student Exemption Form (Form 205-3).

Teachers shall, in accordance with parent/guardian request, permit the student to:

  • leave the classroom to an alternative work environment; or
  • remain in the classroom without taking part

Exempted students shall not receive an academic penalty.

Teachers shall provide a meaningful alternative activity.

Notification to parents/guardians is not required for incidental or indirect references to religion, religious themes, or human sexuality in an outcome, course, exercise, or instructional material.