Athletics Information

We are extremely proud of our athletic accomplishments for all Bev Facey student-athletes. 

The goal of our athletic program is to help each student-athlete achieve their academic, athletic and personal potential during their time at Bev Facey. There are numerous challenges in being a student-athlete, and we think participating in sports helps prepare these young athletes to become future leaders. Learning how to respond to the challenges they will face helps develop the character and self confidence that ultimately will define their success. Following their playing days with Bev Facey, we know these students will look back with fondness on the friendships they developed, and the hard work and self sacrifice it took to be apart of this program. 

As a potential Bev Facey student-athlete, we want to make you aware of what we do here at Bev Facey and how we can best serve your interests and aspirations as they pertain to school sport. Please keep visiting these sport links to find out the latest information pertaining to that particular sport. 

High Performing Advisory Program (HPA) is designed to give students who are top sporting or artistic performers the tools they need to achieve balance across their active and academic lives. The main goal is to identify students within the school community who are top performers in their craft and to provide additional supports to help facilitate better school/life foundations and help increase and support their academic success at Bev Facey. By providing academic counselling and educational flexibility it is hoped that these students will attain greater personal success. Students balancing the dual challenge of pursuing excellence in academic studies while playing representative sport or excelling in the performing arts at the highest level are given comprehensive assistance that is tailored for each individual. Additionally, character education, goal setting, time management and sport or artistic promotion within the school are paramount within the program.