School History

F. B. Facey

F.B. (Bev) Facey was Superintendent of the schools of County of Strathcona from 1962-1975.

He was the last superintendent in the Clover Bar School Division and the first in the County. He retired in 1974.

Mr. Facey was referred to as diplomatic, charming, and competent individual. During his 15 years as superintendent, the school system grew from 4,000 to 11,000 students.

In 1977, retired Superintendent Bev Facey was commissioned to report on School Facility needs in the foreseeable future. His report, titled Looking Ahead to the 80s concluded with recommendations, one of which resulted in the building of "XYZ" high school he envisioned. It would later become Bev Facey High School, opened in 1981.