Registration Information

New Student to EIPS

If you are a new student to Elk Island Public Schools, please register using the New Student Registration form on the website. If you require more information, please click here How to Register a New Student.

Once registration has been confirmed, you will be contacted by the school registrar or grade level administrator to gather course requests. 


Registration Guide

Click to view our 2024-25 Bev Facey Program Guide

We’re excited about the coming school year, and we thank you for choosing Bev Facey Community High as your high school. Serving the community of Sherwood Park since 1981, we have a tradition of excellence and an abiding belief that every student can learn and be successful. Facey is an exciting and innovative learning community with a wide range of programs designed to meet every student’s needs.

We offer academic excellence, occupational diversity, school spirit and leadership opportunities. Facey is well recognized as a school of academic rigour, superior athletics, thriving fine arts and innovative CTS programs.


Grade 10 Course Selection Information (Incoming Grade 9 Students)

We have been visiting students in-person and virtually at their junior high schools to give them information about making course selections for grade 10. Below are links to the presentation that was shown, as well as the recording of the virtual event.

Grade 10 Course Selection Presentation

Grade 10 Course Request 2024 2025

High School Planning Page


Course Selection Help Video


2024-2025 Grade 10 Administrator - Paul Schwartz

Grade 11 & 12 Course Selection Information (Current Grade 10 & 11 Students)

Course request forms can be downloaded for your reference. Please fill our your course requests online through the PowerSchool Parent Portal. If you need assistance, please feel free to email your grade level administrator for the 2024-2025 school year below.

Grade 11 & 12 Course Selections Presentation

Grade 11 And 12 Course Request 2024 2025

High School Planning Page


Course Selection Help Video


2024-2025 Grade 11 Administrator- Renetta Peddle

2024-2025 Grade 12 Administrator - D'Anne Bennett

Returning to Upgrade in 2024-25

If you are planning on upgrading some of your courses, coming to Bev Facey is a great option! You must be less than 19 years old on September 1, 2024 to be eligible. Students returning as a graduated student can take the courses they need. This will give students the opportunity to receive in person instruction without having to pay fees that they would encounter by choosing to upgrade at a post-secondary institution. Please contact Paul Schwartz for more information about signing up to take courses as a graduated student.