Swimming Team

Bev Facey has a proud swimming tradition. We welcome enthusiastic beginners as well as experienced competition swimmers. Swimmers compete in age categories similar to Track & Field (Junior, Intermediate & Senior). There are no cuts. We ask that you commit to morning practices and afternoon meets from October to December. Our focus is on stroke improvement and personal bests.

2018/2019 Roster

Myra Adams
Adrianna Autio
Jason Baldwin
Serenity Bath
Monic Bazinet
Joe Drew
Sydney Hanranhan
Saad Kashif
Emily Kebernik
Samantha Keef
Aidan Kuntz
Makenna Larsen
Craig Martin
Liam Moore
Lauren Murie
Ethan Porcina
Ethan Roper
Ryrie Spencer
William Spencer
Sarah Spinks
Ben Toshak
Andrew Wagner
Eric Weidmann
Esme Yesdresyski