Bev Facey will be competing in the NASP Program. NASP (National Archery in School Program) is monitored through AHEIA (Alberta Hunter Education Instructors Association). There are various one day tournaments throughout the year and finishes with the Alberta Provincial Tournament held every year during the Edmonton Boat and Sportsman Show at the Edmonton Expo Centre.

The team itself will be coached by Mr. Taylor, who is a certified NASP Instructor. This is a NO CUT Team. The only requirement is the passing of a basic rules safety quiz. There will be a small fee for participating on the team to cover costs of travel, tournament entry, and equipment maintenance.

The commitment will be to practice with us at least one day per week at either lunch time or after school, depending on when we can get gymnasium times. The closer we get to tournaments the more gym time we will be able to get. If you have any questions you can email 

For more information about NASP please go to:

Archery Team

Tavish Bray-Merrylees 11
Olivia Carr 12
William Hammond 11
Jack Hewertson 10
Elijah Kostelyk 11
Bronwyn Kruger 11
Andreia Leahu 11
Abby McKinnon 11
Gavin Olson 11
Nathan Palm 11
Avery Porcina 10
Kylie Quan 11
Ronan Sheppard 10
Alyson Sheridan 10
James Stephen 11
Madison Wilbern 12

Coach: Mr. C. Taylor