Mr. B. Spady, Principal
Mrs. T. Williamson, Assistant Principal, Grade 10
Mrs. C. Orr, Assistant Principal, Grade 11
Mr. M. Shudra, Assistant Principal, Grade 12
Ms. N.Giofu, Business Manager
Ms. S. Letby, Financial Secretary
Mrs. D. Radke, Registrar   

Attendance Information - Please email the grade level secretary of your student to report their absence.

Mrs. J. Poots, Grade 10 Attendance Secretary
Mrs. T. Murphy, Grade 11 Attendance Secretary
Mrs. H. Innes, Grade 12 Attendance Secretary

Career & Technology Studies

Mr. R. Curbelo, CALM
Mrs. M. Gilewich, Cosmetology Studies
Mrs. T. Jarvis, Cosmetology Studies
Mrs. M. Killoran, Computer Works/Computer Science
Ms. L. Schafer, Horticulture
Mrs. J. Steele-Watts, Culinary Arts
Mr. F. Strohschein, Mechanics
Mrs. J. Van de Wetering, Foods
Mr. W. Martinson, Fabrication
Mr. S. Ward, Facey Productions/Digital Media & Design
Mr. S. Woodard, Construction Technologies                                                                                                                                            

Mrs. C. Brackenbury, Culinary Arts
Ms. L. Labonte, Horticulture Assistant
Mrs. S. Lamoureux, Culinary Arts
Mr. M. Ziober, Vocational Technician

Physical Education

Mr. T. Stephens Physical Education Coordinator, Athletic Director
Mr. D. Gauf, Physical Education Coordinator, Athletic Director
Mr. C. Taylor, Personal Fitness & Sports Performance

Special Programs

Mrs. J. Balsillie, FOCUS
Mrs. C. Gieringer, PLACE
Mr. C. Mullen, PLACE
Ms. C. Shepherd, GOALS
Mr. C. Martin, GOALS
Mr. M. Wilson, GOALS

Mrs. A. Legault-King, GOALS
Ms. K. Ewanovich, PLACE
Ms. S. Fessenden
Ms. T. Gariepy, GOALS
Mrs. D. Johnston, PLACE
Ms. K. Marr, PLACE
Ms. L. McLeod, GOALS
Mrs. T. McNeil, GOALS
Ms. R. Neil, GOALS
Mrs. D. Schlamp, GOALS
Mrs. K. Corcorcan, FOCUS
Mrs. L. Vopat, PLACE
Mrs. T. Jamieson, PLACE
Mrs. C. Mitchell, PLACE
Mrs. H. Bevan, FOCUS
Mrs. J. Matyjanka, PLACE


Mr. D. Thordarson
Mrs. K. Thordarson