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Modern Languages information

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We offer two second language programs: French 10-9y*, French 20-9y, French 30-9y and German 10, 20, and 30.

*9y refers to years of French as a Second Language from start to finish. This means that students who started FSL in grade 4 will have completed 9 years of study by the end of grade 12.

French as a Second Language

French as a Second Language courses provide Alberta students with definite benefits.

Being able to use and understand French is an important aspect of being a Canadian and a global citizen. In addition, many university faculties recognize French 30 as an entrance requirement and, as a result, a wider range of employment opportunities in the arts and business worlds is available to second language learners.

By learning French in high school, students are able to develop the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to communicate in a variety of real-life contexts. Our overarching goal is to have students become sufficiently compentent in French that they can function in the language and culture outside the classroom.


FRENCH 10-9Y (5 Credits)

Prerequisite: French 9

This course is designed for you if you have elementary and junior high background in French. You will engage in various language activities in structured contexts to develop fundamental written and oral skills. Knowledge of the concepts presented in grades 4 to 9 will be further enhanced. Emphasis is on vocabulary building and accurate usage of the present and past tenses, as well as an introduction to the direct object pronouns. Topics of study include activities, shopping, vacations, and fine arts.


FRENCH 20-9Y (5 Credits)

Prerequisite: French 10-9y

You will continue to use a multidimentional approach to develop your knowledge of French vocabulary, grammar, and culture. Engaging in grade level specific language activities in structured contexts will allow you to develop more advanced written and oral skills. Themes include the world of work, fads and fashions, close friends, and conservation and the environment. You will study the following linguistic elements: direct and indirect object pronouns, emphatic pronouns, the imparfait and the distriction between the passe compose and the imparfait, comparisons, and relative pronouns.


French 30-9y (5 credits)

Prerequisite: French 20-9y or completion of Grade 10 if Junior High French Immersion Program completed.

You will continue to develop the four language skills. Oral and written communication advances from quite-structured to less-structured situations. You will master more complex verb tenses and other grammar elements, and enjoy cultural themes. The principal units include childhood, media, senses and feelings, and travel and tourism. Grammar introduced at this level comprises simple future and present conditional tenses, the past tense with infinitives, direct and indirect object pronouns with all tenses, y and en, and all types of agreement of the past participle. French 30 could be used as one requirement for university admission and/or for scholarship opportunities.



German Language and Culture

Learning German opens doors to a broader range of career opportunities in business, science and the arts. For students who have a family connection to the culture, there is an
opportunity to renew contact with their heritage language and culture. Taking German helps you meet the entrance
requirements of many post-secondary programs. For example, a foreign language can sometimes be used to replace Math 30. Students can start learning German at Bev Facey with no previous knowledge of the language (although students tend to pick up the language relatively quickly).

Learning German is fun, especially if you like music. You will listen to music every day, including bands like Tokio Hotel and Rammstein. Through the exploration of the cultures of the German-speaking world, you will acquire the knowledge skills, and attitudes to be an effective global citizen. You will develop strategies that will help you learn German more
effectively and which will transfer if you learn other languages in the future. Learning German prepares to you travel to Europe, whether on a school trip, on the Alberta Education three-month exchange, or on your own.


German 10 (5 credits)

This course is for total beginners. You will learn to introduce yourself and exchange basic personal information, including the topics of family, school, free-time, the home, and food. You will learn to produce and understand the main points of short texts.

German 20 (5 credits)

Prerequisite: German 10

You will learn to talk about events that have taken place in the past or will happen in the future, such as holidays or career plans. Other topics include directions, clothing, the body, health and celebrations. You will learn to understand some specific details of a variety of texts.

Students that have learned German at Millshaven School can take German 20 without having taken German 10.  They tend to be very successful, even if they haven't spoken German in several years. A copy of grade 6 report card or similar document indicating completion of the German program is requested.

German 30 (5 credits)

Prerequisite: German 20

You will learn to understand specific details of and produce more complex texts, e.g., give a simple report about a German city. German 30 includes a field trip to a German store and restaurant.

Advanced German  (5 credits)

Prerequisite: German 30

You will continue to learn to comprehend and recount events that took place in the past, e.g., historical and cultural. You will use German creatively, e.g., write a story. Completion of this course might give you the opportunity of advanced placement in university German courses or to study as a foreign student at a German university (where fees are very low if students have to pay at all).

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