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We are extremely proud of the past athletic accomplishments of our Bev Facey athletes, and we are excited about the present!  In addition, we are eager to welcome in the future and that is where you come in.  As a potential Bev Facey student, we want to make you aware of what we do here at Bev Facey and how we can best serve your interests and aspirations as they pertain to school sport.

Below is a list of the athletic pursuits offered here at Bev Facey, this years' accomplishments, which included several Team Championships, a timeline of the activity and a list of our coaches.

Night of Champions:  is Thursday June 12, 2014 7pm in the Banner Gym wherein we celebrate our athletic accomplishments and recognize individuals with awards.

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See attached document for a complete overview of all the Bev Facey Athletic Teams: Athletics Teams 2013

Athletic Accomplishments

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Facey Falcon Athletic Accomplishments for 2012-2013

11 Metro Championships

Cross Country-Metro Conference & Senior Girls Champions

1 Edmonton Zone Bronze Medal

1 4th Place @ Provincials

Senior Football-Metro Carr Conference and BRONZE in Tier I Provincials

Senior Girls Volleyball-Metro Premier Conference, SILVER at 4A Provincials and Sportsmanship Award

Junior Boys Volleyball-Metro Premier Conference

Senior Girls Handball-Metro Premier Conference and 4th at Tier I Provincials

Senior Boys Handball-Metro Premier Conference and GOLD at Tier I Provincials

Badminton-Metro Premier Conference

5 Metro Champions, 5 Silver

1 Provincial GOLD & 1 BRONZE Medal

Senior Girls Rugby-Metro Premier Conference and 4th at Tier I Provincials

Junior Girls Soccer-Metro Conference

Senior Boys Soccer-Metro Premier Conference

Track & Field-Metro Conference

14 Edmonton Zone Gold, 12 Silver and 6 Bronze Medals

5th Place at 4A Provincials with 5 GOLD, 4 SILVER and 2 BRONZE Medals

4 Metro Edmonton Runner Ups

Junior Football-Metro City Conference

Junior Girls Volleyball-Metro Premier Conference

Senior Boys Volleyball-Metro Premier Conference

Senior Girls Soccer-Metro Premier Conference

6 Edmonton Zone 3rd/ Metro Semi-Finalists

Boys Golf-Edmonton Zone Bronze Medalists

Senior Boys Curling-Edmonton Zone Bronze Medalists

Junior Girls Basketball-Metro Premier Conference

Junior Boys Basketball-Metro Premier Conference

Senior Girls Basketball-Metro Premier Conference

Senior Boys Basketball-Metro Premier Conference


Swim Team-10 Gold, 8 Silver and 6 Bronze medals at the Metro Edmonton Championships.

Night of Champions


Peter Barron

Edwin Chang

Graeme Forsyth

Andrew Harrison

Gary Launhardt

Sharka Launhardt

Brandon Salyzyn

Mary Schnell



Grade 10

Female-Emma Osterling

Male-Talyn Davies


Grade 11

Female-Brenna Connop

Male-Jason Miller


Grade 12

Female-Jessica Brown & Lindsay Piper

Male-Brad Launhardt

Team Award Winners


MVP- Tyler Vandermeer

Cross Country

MVP-Bailey Sallis, Brendan Calef & Brendan Elford

Heart- Alandra Jessup & Ashley Gunderson

Rookie of the Year-Brynn Pedersen & Brendan Calef


Junior Girls Volleyball

MVP-Victoria Spinney

Most Improved-Gabrielle Humbke

Heart-Robyn Hargesheimer


Junior Boys Volleyball

MVP-Alex Schneider

Most Improved-Isaiah Stime

Heart-Tyler Vandermeer


Senior Girls Volleyball

MVP-Jessica Brown & Karly Edgar

Most Improved-Emma Osterling

Heart-Aly Mills & Rachel McKellar

Rookie of the Year-Jazmin Morgan


Senior Boys Volleyball

MVP-Keaton Reid

Most Improved-Shane Barr

Heart- Chris Hinger & George Hobern

Rookie of the Year-Owen Bessette


Swim Team

MVP-Kevin LaBonte & Brendan Elford

Most Improved-Kalvin Tipton & Kyra Sklar

Heart-Alex Hominiuk

Rookie of the Year-Brendan Calef


Junior Girls Basketball

MVP-Chelsea Clarke

Most Improved-Emma Osterling

Heart-Dom Aston


Junior Boys Basketball

MVP-Keaton Souster

Most Improved- Chris Moen

Heart- Jacob Heath


Senior Girls Basketball

MVP-Meagan Carr & Lindsay Piper

Most Improved-Abby Hendy

Heart-Jessica Freitag

Rookie of the Year-Payton Ross


Senior Boys Basketball

MVP-Brad Launhardt

Most Improved-Ross Jerome

Heart-Sean Haliburton

Rookie of the Year-Ryan McLaren



MVP-Brendan Akins

Rookie of the Year-Ayrton Blank


Cheer Team

Heart-Tenisha Adatia

Spirit-Amanda Desjardins

Dedication-Taylor Vasseur



MVP-Jessica Brown & Kieran Johnson

Most Improved-Mikayla Rafuse & Ryan McLaren

Heart-Brett Golka

Rookie of the Year-Elliot Johnson


Senior Girls Handball

MVP-Rachel Kihn

Most Improved-Rachel Shave

Heart-Jaclyn Roszell

Rookie of the Year-Kiana Menz 


Senior Boys Handball

MVP-Tyler Southall

Most Improved-Jason Miller

Heart-Mark Gordulic

Rookie of the Year-Brad Launhardt


Junior Girls Soccer

MVP-Faith Toennies

Most Improved-Natalie Woodcox & Lizzy Neale

Heart-Emily Samycia


Senior Girls Soccer

MVP-Morgan Brabbins & Sydney Ashton

Heart-Lindsay Lien

Rookie of the Year-Chelsea Clarke


Senior Boys Soccer

MVP-James Espinoza

Heart-Devyn Germs & Jason Miller

Rookie of the Year-Colin Mitchell

Most Improved-Tyler Doblanko


Track and Field  

MVP-Track-Bailey Sallis & Brendan Calef

MVP-Field-Jennifer Weber & Qwen Bessette

Heart-Robyn Cameron & Nick Harder

Rookie of the Year-Kiera Smith & Brett Golka

Performances of the Year- Corey Woolnough &

Open Girls 4 X 400m Relay Team

Jaclyn Roszell, Kirsten Grado, Kaylee Dilley, Bailey Sallis


Senior Girls Rugby

MVP-Adrienne Maschmeyer & Nicole Tkachanko

Most Outstanding Back-Summer Babiy

Most Outstanding Forward- Emily Bates

Most Improved Back-Brenna Connop

Most Improved Forward-Karlie Tkachanko

Heart- Adrienne Maschmeyer

Rookie of the Year: Back-Torie Spinney

Rookie of the Year: Forward- Emma Osterling


Senior Boys Rugby

MVP-James Ens

Most Outstanding Back-Elliot Johnson

Most Outstanding Forward-Aiden Vandenberg

Most Improved Back-Jake Lonie

Most Improved Forward-Stephen Han

Heart- Campbell Spencer

Rookie of the Year: Back-Kieran Johnson

Rookie of the Year: Forward- Max Willis

Coaches Award-Jordan Smith

Coaching Staff 2012-2013

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Staff Coaches (18):

Jenn Brown-Junior Girls Basketball/Senior Boys Soccer/Athletic Council
Gerald Chung-Senior Girls Basketball/Athletic Council
Dave Cook-Track & Field
Rob Fisher-Junior Girls Volleyball/Track & Field/Athletic Council
Pat Forsyth-Senior Girls Rugby/Athletic Council
Darren Gauf-Cross Country/Athletic Council
Sue Huculak-Junior Girls Basketball
James Huie-Senior Girls Soccer
Aaron Kowalchuk-Golf
Curtis Martin-Senior Football/Athletic Council
Scott Pratt-Golf
Brandon Salzyzn-Junior Boys Volleyball/Athletic Council
Brent Skene-Curling
Hal Souster-Senior Boys Basketball/Senior Football/Athletic Council
Peter Stamotopoulos-Badminton
Chris Taylor-Junior Boys Volleyball
Shane Ward-Senior Football

Staff Liasons (3):
Dave Cook-Swim Team
Rick Kobylnyk-Senior Boys Volleyball
Hal Souster-Senior Boys & Girls Handball, Senior Boys Volleyball
Shawn Lemko-Junior Girls Soccer

Support Staff (7):
Peter Barron-Athletic Council
Shirley Gall-Secretarial
Darren Gauf-Driver
Dorothy Goble-Driver
Carol Langford-Pickering-Athletic Council
Karen Ramsey-Athletic Council
Hal Souster-Driver
Irene Sproull-Driver

Outside/Volunteer Coaches (45)
(31 of which are Bev Facey Falcon Alumni)

Richard Bates-Senior Boys Basketball
Sean Baynton-Track & Field
Chris Bishop-Junior Football
Tyler Blair-Junior Football
Courtney Brulotte-Cheer Team
Brett Buerger-Cross Country
Kyle Buxton-Junior Football
Stuart Carr-Senior Girls Basketball
Edwin Chang-Badminton
Ken Chapman-Senior Football
Richard Espinoza-Senior Boys Soccer
Jeremy Fife-Junior Football
Graeme Forsyth-Senior Girls Rugby
Brendan Foster-Senior Boys Handball
Tristan Gerrie-Senior Boys Volleyball
Sean Goos-Junior Football
Travis Hall-Junior Girls Volleyball
Andrew Harrison-Senior Boys Rugby
Candice Hughes-Junior Girls Volleyball
Krysta Ivers-Cheer Team
Lucas Jacobson-Senior Boys Volleyball
Lindsay Jones-Senior Girls Volleyball
Zach King-Swim Team
Ha Luong-Badminton
Jordan Martin- Badminton
Katrina Martin- Track & Field
Kathryn McCaffery-Track & Field
Tyler McDiarmid-Senior Boys Volleyball/Junior Boys Basketball
Lindsay McGillis-Senior Girls Volleyball
John McGonigal-Senior Boys Rugby
Katie Mundorf- Junior Girls Soccer
Austin Newman-Junior Boys Basketball
Donavin Obenauer-Senior Football
Brad Reid-Junior Football
Stephanie Roth-Senior Girls Volleyball
Doug Rypstra-Senior Football
Cam Ridgway- Junior Football
Jeff Sampson-Senior Boys Basketball
Kyle Shantz-Senior Boys Rugby
Alexis Sickler-Senior Girls Handball
Nicole Skippen-Senior Girls Volleyball
Tanner Stephens-Senior Football/Junior Boys Basketball
Taylor Sterling- Senior Girls Handball
Laura Sephton- Senior Girls Handball
Denny Tse-Junior Football
Craig Ursuliak-Junior Football

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