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Track & Field Team

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Coaches: Rob Fisher, Dave Cook, Katrina Martin, Kathryn McCAffery and Sean Baynton

Metro Edmonton Champions
Junior Boys Edmonton Zone Champions

2013 brought another stellar season for the track program at Bev Facey with many history making performances.  The season began with bang during the Edmonton Journal Games where the 8x200m girls relay team came away with a gold medal!

The outdoor season was cut short due to the late melt of winter, but the team came out with flying with 77 athletes at divisionals and over 50 qualifying for the Edmonton Zone/City Championships.  At cities we had a series of amazing performances with 14 gold medals, 12 silver medals, 6 bronzes, and 24 Provincial qualifiers.  To top the day off the Junior Boys won the overall city championship for their age category a first in any age category for Facey!  Also our team captured its 7th Metro Edmonton title in a row and placed 2nd overall in the city!  At Provincials the team placed 5th in the 4A category with 299 points which is a school best.  Individually the team captured 5 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 2 bronze.

Overall 15 new school records were set proving that once again the bar has been raised for the track program here at Facey.

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School Records

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Junior Girls:

100m 12.67 Tiana Moe 1998

200m 25.95 Katrina Martin 2010

400m 1’01.50 Megan Gorman 1988

800m 2’22.67 Ally Wilson 2007

1500m 5’14.80 Liane Paananen 1988

3000m 11’27.20 Shelby Crackston 2008

80m Hurdles 12.26 Jaclyn Roszell 2012

100m Hurdles 20.89 Lisa Andre 1995

4x100m Relay 51.50 J.Yohemas J.Cartmell L.Milne S.Thornorough 1993

High Jump 1.50m Lynsey Nault 1998

High Jump 1.50m Kennedy Roberts 2012

Pole Vault NM

Long Jump 5.09m Jenny Cartmell 1993

Triple Jump 11.10m*** Renee Frederick 1996

Shot Put 10.10m Jenny Cartmell 1994

Discus 27.07m Jennifer Weber 2012

Javelin 35.01m Kelsey Reed 2006

*** Denotes: Current Edmonton Zone Record

Junior Boys:

100m 11.17 Jason Miller 2013

200m 23.16 Tom Clarke 1985

400m 51.28 Russell Kocuper 1992

800m 1’59.48 Brendan Calef 2013

1500m 4’17.74 Brendan Calef 2013

3000m 9’19.40 Rob Nissen 1999

100m Hurdles 15.14 Nick Harder 2012

4x100m Relay 46.49 R.Fisher J.Noble B.Ward C.Bhaladwala 1994

High Jump 1.90m Kevin Olesen 2005

Pole Vault 2.90m Brett Golka 2013

Long Jump 6.27m Jody Ducharme 1984

Triple Jump 12.46m Les Schmidt 1993

Shot Put 12.63m George Hobern 2013

Discus 37.12m Owen Bessette 2013

Javelin 46.34m Grant Chorney 1986

Intermediate Girls:

100m 12.18 Katrina Martin 2011

200m 26.00 Katrina Martin 2011

400m 58.21 Ally Wilson 2008

800m 2’18.64 Ally Wilson 2008

1500m 5’15.17 Karlyn Elford 2010

3000m 11’23.46 Karlyn Elford 2010

80m Hurdles 11.98 Jaclyn Roszell 2013

4x100m Relay 52.71 H.Currie S.Aylard R.Brodziak K.Roed 2004

High Jump 1.50m Kari Mohn 1998

High Jump 1.50m Lynsey Nault 1999

High Jump 1.5om Kennedy Roberts 2013

High Jump 1.5m Klana Menz 2013

Pole Vault 1.80m Brenna Connop 2013

Long Jump 5.00m Kari Roed 2004

Triple Jump 10.70m Renee Frederick 1997

Shot Put 10.13m Jennifer Weber 2013

Discus 28.54m Kasandra Bracken 2005

Javelin 32.42m Cindy Mohn 2000

Intermediate Boys:

100m 11.10 Terry Gill 1982

200m 22.56 Ryan Zaal 1998

400m 51.10 Russell Kocuper 1993

800m 2’04.65 Eric Owens 1999

1500m 4’13.97 Rob Nissen 2000

3000m 9’14.17 Rob Nissen 2000

100m Hurdles 14.16 Nick Harder 2013

110m Hurdles 14.70 Tom Clarke 1986

4x100m Relay 44.74 C.Hygaard C.Pickering N.Orr B.Foster 2011

High Jump 1.93m Kevin Olesen 2006

Pole Vault 3.60m Cory Woolnough 2013

Long Jump 6.53m Les Schmidt 1994

Triple Jump 13.08m Tanner Nault 2006

Shot Put 13.38m Jordan Penner 2010

Discus 38.70m Brian Lee 1984

Javelin 41.13m Greg Woodruff 2004

Senior Girls:

100m 12.35 Katrina Martin 2012

200m 25.20 Katrina Martin 2012

400m 59.15 Kari Roed 2005

800m 2’21.08 Bailey Sallis 2013

1500m 5’17.56 Bailey Sallis 2013

3000m 11’25.43 Karlyn Elford 2011

80m Hurdles 12.40 Kathryn McCaffrey 2008

100m Hurdles 18.65 Kari Mohn 1999

4x100m Relay 51.37 H.Currie A.Holloway R.Brodziak K.Roed 2005

High Jump 1.65m Coralea Brown 1990

Pole Vault NM

Long Jump 5.12m Jenny Cartmell 1995

Triple Jump 10.76m Kari Mohn 1999

Shot Put 10.25m Jenny Cartmell 1995

Discus 26.26m Amanda White 1999

Javelin 33.21m Kelsey Reed 2007

Open Girls:

4x400m Relay 4’06.37 C.Kassian A.Holloway C.Newman T.Maher 2006

Senior Boys:

100m 11.16 Mason Gelowitz 2009

200m 22.20 Russell Kocuper 1994

400m 50.22 Cam Pickering 2012

800m 2’03.83 Neil Taylor 1997

1500m 4’01.13 Rob Nissen 2001

3000m 8’39.06 Rob Nissen 2001

100m Hurdle 15.45 James Riley 2009

4x100m Relay 44.07 C.Hygaard C.Pickering N.Orr C.Knox 2012

High Jump 1.98m Kevin Olesen 2007

Pole Vault 2.90m Kevin Olesen 2007

Long Jump 6.33m Nathan Orr 2012

Triple Jump 13.14m Bob Murray 1986

Shot Put 13.01m Nick Monson 2009

Discus 36.35m Dane Bishop 2010

Javelin 38.06m Matt Norris 2005

Open Boys:

4 x400m Relay 3’32.38 C.Pickering J.Miller C.Hygaard C.Knox 2012

Edmonton Journal Games

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Silver Medalists!

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