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English Course Descriptions



English is a required subject for graduation. At Bev Facey Community High School, four sequences are offered. All sequences deal with the same skills of reading, writing, viewing, speaking, listening, and representing. The English Program provides opportunities for you to experience language in functional, analytical, artistic and pleasurable situations with the aim to develop

  • awareness and interest in how language works
  • an understanding and appreciation of a wide range of use
  • flexibility in using language for a variety of purposes


English 10-1 (5 credits)

Prerequisite: 65% in Grade 9 Language Arts

English 10-1 is the first in a series of three courses that develop the knowledge, skills and understanding required for most university programs. The focus of this course is on expository writing and on analysis of various genres of literature: the short story, poetry, the novel, the Shakespearean play, the feature film and multimedia text.


English 20-1 (5 credits)

Prerequisite: 60% in English 10-1

English 20-1 is based on literary analysis and is designed to increase your knowledge and appreciation of literature and your communication skills. It includes a study of both Shakespearean and modern drama (optional), the literary essay, poetry, the short story, the novel, visual and multimedia text, and film.


English 30-1 (5 credits)

Prerequisite: 60% in English 20-1

English 30-1 is required for acceptance in many university programs. It includes a study of Shakespearean and modern drama, the literary essay, poetry, the short story, the novel, visual and multimedia text and film. The emphasis is on the more technical aspects of literary criticism.


English 10-2 (5 credits)

Prerequisite: Grade 9 Language Arts

English 10-2 offers an opportunity to develop basic communication skills as well as to become involved in various forms of literature. Through reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing you are encouraged to explore your own views and experiences. Emphasis is on responding to literature and recognition of ideas contained in it rather than on literary analysis.


English 20-2 (5 credits)

Prerequisite: 50% in English 10-2 0r 40-49% in English 10-1

The content of the course includes the study of short stories, poetry, essays, the novel and the modern play. The literature studied will be chosen to increase understanding of man and society as well as to enhance skills in the interpretation of literature. Considerable emphasis is placed on overcoming writing problems with the eventual goal being clear, accurate communication.


English 30-2 (5 credits)

Prerequisite: 50% in English 20-2 or 40-49% in English 20-1

English 30-2 is a course which provides entrance to many post- secondary institutions. The content of the course includes the study of short stories, poetry, essays, modern or Shakespearean drama and the novel. Emphasis will be on oral and written response to ideas in the literature.


English 10-4 (5 credits)

Prerequisite: Recommendation of Junior High Language Arts teacher

English 10-4 is a course which integrates English and Computer Services and allows you to expand your knowledge in practical and interesting areas. Units covered include:

  • Exploring Self and Others Through Literature and Media
  • Communication with Others
  • Exploring and Assessing Print and Non-print Media
  • Communication Skills for Life and the Workplace


English 20-4 (5 credits)

Prerequisite: 50% in English 10-4

English 20-4 allows you to expand your knowledge of English in practical and current areas. You will continue to explore units you were exposed to in English 10-4.


English 30-4 (5 credits)

Prerequisite: 50% in English 20-4

You will spend approximately 80% of instructional time on required concepts, skills and attitudes. The remaining 20% of your time will be used to introduce new topics and/or themes while helping you build your English skills.


English Advanced Placement (Literature and Composition)

Prerequisite: Successful completion of requisite AP material, 80% in the prerequisite course and/or teacher recommendation.


Course Overview: AP English Literature challenges students to read and interpret a wide range of imaginative works. The course invites students to explore a variety of genres and literary periods and to write clearly about the literature they encounter. On a daily basis, it asks them to read critically, think clearly, and write concisely. By the end of the course, students have cultivated a rich understanding of literary works and acquired a set of analytical skills they will use throughout their lives. (


Course Description: It is expected that the Advanced Placement student is one who is capable of accepting the challenge of enrichment studies. The areas of study will include short stories, novels, poetry, classical, modern and Shakespearean drama, non-fiction and film. In the long term, this course offers a level of content and processes that will serve as a strong foundation for innumerable directions the student might take in post-secondary scholarship; in the short term, it provides a rich base of literary experiences giving the student a greater opportunity for success in ultimately meeting the demands of the English 30 Diploma Examination and the Advanced Placement Literature Examination written in May of the grade twelve year.

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